Rates as of 05/16/18

"*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
Basic Requirements

Internet access and a web browser are required to utilize ViaConnect. A newer web browser named Opera currently does not work with ViaConnect, and Apple's Macintosh Safari browser sometimes has difficulties with the Multi-Factor Security setup. The version of the browser is important as well: versions 3.0 or higher of Internet Explore and Netscape, and all versions of Firefox, satisfy the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) requirement.

Any version of AOL (American Online) less than 3.0 is not compatible with ViaConnect. You can use AOL as your Internet Service Provider, but it is recommended that you use the Internet Explorer browser for ViaConnect. AOL's browser is not supported by ViaConnect.

The browsers need to be configured to "Always Accept Cookies" for the SSL security feature to work. There are different ways to determine if Cookies are turned on, depending on which browser version you are using. Click here for assistance turning on your Cookies. When you click on the "End Session" link to log off from ViaConnect all cookies are automatically deleted. If the session is ended in any other way the cookies will expire and the information will become useless.