Rates as of 09/12/18

"*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
Payment Protection Plan

Credit Life and Disability Insurance helps provide you with financial protection and peace of mind.

Benefits of Payment Protection:
  • Convenience - the cost of coverage is included in your monthly payment
  • Helps pay the insured monthly benefits at a time when income may be reduced and expenses are higher
  • Pays benefits even when other insurance is in force
  • Helps reduce financial risk
  • Helps provide security and peace of mind for you and your family
  • Helps protect credit standing and assets
Gap Insurance

Will you be paying for your vehicle after it's gone? You probably assume if your new vehicle is stolen or totaled, your auto insurance coverage will pay off the remaining balance you owe. Well, you may be surprised to learn the value your auto insurance company places on your vehicle may be substantially less than the amount you actually owe since your vehicle starts to depreciate the moment you purchase it! The result is a financial "gap" and YOU must make up the difference!

However, GAP Insurance can help pay off your remaining loan balance. GAP is available to you at a minimal additional cost on your ViaLoans.