Rates as of 11/25/15

"*APR = Annual Percentage Rate
Reorder Checks

ViaCU changed check providers in 2013 to Legacy Member Services in order to keep check prices as low as possible, while still providing a quality product and secure delivery method. Due to the change in providers, it will be necessary for you to contact a Member Service Representative to place your initial check order with Legacy. We apologize for any inconvenience, but placing the initial order with an MSR is necessary to ensure your information is transferred to Legacy's system and to assist you in selecting a similar check style. Please feel free to view Legacy's check designs options prior to contacting an MSR.

If your initial check order has already been placed by a MSR, you may reorder online. You will find the necessary information to reorder checks on the "Reorder Form" located in your most recent Legacy check order.

Check printing charges will be displayed as "LEGACY" on your monthly statement.