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"*APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Your life runs at broadband speed. That's why we've created a package of convenient, easy to use, secure financial management products. All of which are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.


A free and secure way to manage your account 24/7. Register for ViaConnect.

View "How to Register" video.
  • Real-time history - View account balances, transaction history and cleared checks as they hit your account.
  • Hold transaction - View transactions posted to your account, but haven't cleared yet. Signature based debit card purchases are an example.
  • Natural search - Search transactions, amount, category, check # or a combination to find what you're looking for.
  • Auto categorized - Track your spending by various categories, such as dining out, groceries, or automobile expenses.
  • Secondary Shares - Add or change the name of secondary shares. View "Secondary Shares" video
  • Secure Messages - Securely communicate with ViaCU using the message board. View "Messages" video
  • Update contact info - keep your phone and email address up-to-date by easily updating in ViaConnect. View "Contact Info" video
  • Transfer funds between subaccounts - Make a one-time transfer or recurring transfer of money to other shares.
  • Transfer to other members - If you have member's account number and last name, you can transfer money from your account to their Checking or Membership Shares. View "Transfers" video
  • Make ViaCU loan payments - Make a one-time payment or recurring payment to your ViaCU loan.
  • Get loan advance - Transfer money from a line of credit, like a ViaGEM or HELOC loan to any of your accounts
  • Apply for loans - Apply for an Auto, Signature or GEM Loan with just one-click.
Before you get started it is helpful to make sure your computer meets the basic requirements to operate ViaConnect. If you have any problems, you may troubleshoot by reviewing frequently asked questions or contact the Marketing or IS Department at 765.674.6631 or viacu@viacu.org.

View "Logging into ViaConnect" video.

ViaBill Pay

Access ViaBill Pay through ViaConnect to pay bills at your convenience. The worries of writing checks, buying stamps or risking paper cuts on your tongue from licking envelope flaps are over!
  • Pay your bills with peace of mind - Thanks to the latest in security features and password protection.
  • Easily set up your payment - Just enter information about the payee once, then all other payments are literally a mouse click away.
  • Flexible payment setup1 - Set up a one-time payment or weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even yearly recurring payments.
  • Real-time payment2 - Electronic payments will be processed in 1-2 days, while check payments may take up to 4 days.
  • Person to Person payment2 - Send money to friends or family members at another financial institution or to their PayPal account.
  • eBills from payees - ViaBill Pay will then go to payee's website and retrieve monthly bills so you can see all your bills in one place.
  • Customizable reports - View reports by payee, category or customize your own based on your needs.
Review ViaBill Pay Terms and Conditions in the Online Banking Agreement.

View "How to Use ViaBill Pay" video.

1ViaBill Pay supports: one-time payments on specified date; and automatic payments occurring on provided dates and frequencies. Payments can be changed or canceled at any time up until the scheduled Send On date.
2Funds must be available in the account on the specified "Send On" date when authorizing payments and transfer. If funds are not available, a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Overdraft fee will be assessed.

VISA Online

VISA Online allows you to check the status of your ViaCU VISA credit card anytime. It uses the same encryption as ViaConnect, so you can transact business in a secure environment. With VISA Online you can:
  • Check balance and available credit
  • View transactions - view history since your last statement.
  • View past statements - up to 3 months of past statements are available.
  • Update information - Change your address, request an increase in line of credit, and more.
  • Make payment - Set up one-time or recurring payments based on amount or statement balance.
    • To setup payment information you will need your financial institution's routing and account numbers.
To register for Visa Online, you must verify seven forms of information of the primary cardholder.
  1. Social Security Number
  2. 3-digit security code
  3. Zip code
  4. Home phone number
  5. Card expiration date
  6. Mother's maiden name
  7. Last payment amount
Therefore, it is very important to inform Via Credit Union of any changes, such as address or phone number.