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Coindexter Kid's Club

Child saving

The Coindexter Club is a dynamic kids' savings club for Via Credit Union members ages 12 and under. Membership is free with the opening of a $5 savings account in your child's name! Featured characters take an active role in teaching young members about managing money through periodic newsletters1.

As a member of the Coindexter Club, children learn how to responsibly manage money, spend wisely and save aggressively - behaviors that will benefit them as they grow older. Good saving habits learned at a young age will help them throughout life.

Upon becoming a member, your child will receive:

  • Official Membership Card
  • Piggy Bank
  • Access to the Coindexter Club website that features videos, games, quizzes and calculators to make learning about money fun!
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1Coindexter Club newsletter and birthday cards are sent to members ages 5-12.

TeensCU Save Teen Club

The CU Save Teen Club offers accounts specifically designed to prepare young adults, ages 13 and up, for their financial future and to independently manage their finances.

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CU Seniors

CU SeniorsA special package of services are available to members age 55 or older, and have at least one of the following services:

  • ViaChecking account
  • Direct Deposit
  • $10,000 or more on deposit

There is no need to sign up! You will automatically be enrolled if you meet the above criteria.


Benefits of the CU Seniors program includes:

  • Half priced money order
  • Half off domestic wiring services
  • Free document copying
  • 20% discount on safe deposit box rental

Plus, CU Seniors with $10,000 on deposit in savings are eligible for two FREE boxes of the ViaCU custom checks per year.