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1) A checking account:

A. Gives you a safe place to keep your money.
B. Gives you many ways to access and organize your money.
C. Usually comes with checks and a debit card.
D. All of the above

2) Which of the following is not a way you can use your debit card:

A. At an ATM
B. As credit
C. To transfer funds to a friend's account
D. By entering your PIN number at checkout

3) Jessica wrote a check to her friend. The number amount on the check read "$50.00". The written amount read "Fifty-two dollars and no/100". What is the true value of the check?

A. It's not valid and cannot be used
B. $50.00
C. $52.00

4) The best place to find your most up-to-date checking account balance is:

A. Your check register
B. Monthly Statement
C. A teller
D. Online Banking

5) If you get too many overdrafts and/or don't pay them back promptly, you could be reported to a national network that will prevent you from being able to open or use any type of bank or credit union account.

A. True
B. False

6) Michael is at the grocery store and also needs $60 cash for later. Which would be the smartest way for him to get the $60?

A. Use the ATM inside the grocery store, even though his credit union does not own the ATM and there's a fee.
B. Choose the debit option with his Debit Card and get cash back with his purchase.
C. Use the credit option with his Debit Card and get cash back with his purchase.

7) Oops! Angie has $5 in her checking account at the time that three checks she wrote are presented for payment. The amounts of these checks are: $25, $20 and $10. Her bank pays the checks (even though she only has $5 in her account) and charges $30 for each overdraft item. How much will Angie's account be overdrawn?

A. $140
B. $90
C. $55

8) Jacob and Derek are roommates. In May, Derek paid the $800 rent using cash. In June, Jacob paid the rent using a check. The landlord claims they didn't pay their rent in May or June. Which statement below is true?

A. Jacob can prove he paid the rent by using ViaConnect to get a copy of his cleared rent check.
B. Derek can prove he paid the rent because he withdrew $900 cash from his savings account three days before the rent was due.
C. Neither Jacob nor Derek will be able to prove the rent was paid.

9) Alex wants to buy some music from a website. What's the best way to pay for his purchase?

A. With cash
B. By using ViaConnect to transfer money to the company who owns the website
C. By using the credit option on his debit card

10) You ask a teller for your balance and she tells you it is $100. You go out and write a check for $90. Two days later you receive a notice and discover that your checking account is overdrawn. What should you do?

A. Close your account.
B. Determine whether your transaction/s were paid or unpaid and pay all parties you owe money to as soon as possible.
C. Report the teller to her supervisor for giving false information.