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Writing Check

You might be interested to know that our FREE checking account comes with some interesting perks.

A few of the things you can expect with your ViaChecking account are:

  • No monthly fees - None, nada, zilch. Are you starting to see a pattern here?
  • No minimum balance - The decision is yours as to how much to keep in your checking account.
  • Unlimited check writing - Write on! And on. And on. Plus, we give you the convenience of ordering checks online.
  • Instant carbonless copies of every check - Use them for tax purposes or your other record keeping needs.
  • Direct deposit - We always love to see you, but why drive to ViaCU to deposit paychecks, pension checks and government checks? Have the funds put directly into your account. Could it be any easier?
  • Payroll deduction - A great way to make automatic deposits into your other ViaCU accounts. And let's face it, saving is easier to do when the money never gets in your hands.
  • Overdraft protection - Peace of mind. When you need it, it will be there. Available from any ViaShare account, or a ViaGEM loan.

Here's a few more ViaChecking features:

MasterCard® Debit Card

Discover the convenience of a ViaCU MasterCard debit card. Use instead of cash for everything from groceries to green fees, at thousands of merchants worldwide and, like, a gazillion places on the Web. 



ViaCU ATM card

Securely withdraw cash, transfer funds or make balance inquiries 24x7.



Free ATMs

Alliance OneOver 5,200 Alliance One ATMs allow you use your ViaCU debit or ATM card, surcharge free!




Reorder Checks

ViaCU's check provider is Main Street Member Services.  Please view check designs individually or through the digital product catalog.

To reorder checks online, you may find the necessary information on the "Reorder Form" located in your most recent check order.

reorder checks

Please note: check printing charges will be displayed as "Main ST MBR Svcs" on your monthly statement.