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Access to your accounts 24/7

Your life runs at broadband speed. That's why we've created a package of convenient, easy to use, secure financial management products. All of which are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.


A free and secure way to manage your account 24/7.

  • Real-time history - View account balances, transaction history and cleared checks.
  • ViaChat - Securely communicate with any questions, comments or concerns during business hours. 
  • Member to member transfers - If you have member's account number and last name, you can transfer money from your account to theirs. 
  • Make loan payments - Make a one-time or recurring payment to your ViaCU loan from another financial institution or your ViaCU account.
  • Secure messages - Securely send messages that are saved indefinitely. 


If you have any problems, you may troubleshoot by reviewing frequently asked questions or contact us at 765.674.6631 or

ViaBill Pay ViaBill Pay enhancements

Access ViaBill Pay through ViaConnect to pay bills at your convenience. The worries of writing checks, buying stamps or risking paper cuts on your tongue from licking envelope flaps are over!

  • Easily and flexible payments - Just enter payment information about the payee once, then your one-time or recurring1 payments are just a mouse click away.
  • Real-time payment2 - Electronic payments will be processed in 1-2 days, while check payments may take up to 4 days.
  • Reporting tool - includes graphs to aid in analyzing how your money is spent.
  • eBills from payees - ViaBill Pay can retrieve monthly bills from payee's websites  so you can see all your bills in one place.


Review the ViaBill Pay Agreement for complete details.


VISA Online

VISA Online allows you to check the status of your ViaVISA® credit card anytime by logging into ViaConnect and selecting "Credit Cards" from the side menu. 

With VISA Online you can:

  • View transactions - search for transactions by date or statement period.
  • Enroll in eStatements - discontinue paper statements.
  • Report lost/stolen card - once card is reported it cannot be used for any future transaction.
  • Make monthly payments - Set up one-time or recurring payments based on amount or statement balance.
  • Lock/Unlock card - if you are not actively using your card, protect usage by locking.
  • Travel notifications - add future travel dates and destinations to prevent fraud.

login to viaconnect

1 ViaBill Pay supports: one-time payments on specified date; and automatic payments occurring on provided dates and frequencies. Payments can be changed or canceled at any time up until the scheduled Send On date.
2 Funds must be available in the account on the specified "Send On" date when authorizing payments and transfer. If funds are not available, a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Overdraft fee will be assessed.