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SavvyMoney® Credit Score is a free monitoring program.Credit Score

The SavvyMoney® Credit Reporting Tool is a new credit score tool that members can access in ViaConnect. You can use the tool to get daily updates on your credit score without lowering your score.  The tool also helps you understand each factor that influences your credit score.  You'll even have personalized offers from ViaCU that could help you reduce interest rates and save!

To get started, simply log into ViaConnect, on the account summary page, you will select "SHOW MY SCORE" then sign up and you're enrolled.

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Questions? Review the frequently asked questions or contact us at 765.674.6631.


SavvyMoney® Checkup is an anonymous online budgeting tool.Budgeting

The SavvyMoney® Checkup tool provides a fast, focused snapshot of your current financial situation and suggests where you can make improvements. Simply input your income, debts and monthly expenses. You are given the option to register with your email and password to log in later or to save your Revisit ID number to retrieve your information.

Once you've entered your figures, you'll receive an easy to understand financial analysis including: debt to income ratios, debt payment ratios, and budget analysis.  SavvyMoney® Checkup is a quick and helpful tool to get you pointed in the right direction financially.

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