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Teacher Grants Now Available

Teacher Grants

Funding to conduct innovative classroom projects between $100-500.

Via Credit Union is once again providing preK-12 educators with funding to provide innovative learning opportunities for their students. Over the years, ViaCU has funded 146 projects totaling over $58,000 to area teachers.

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Via Credit Union’s 87th Annual Meeting

Roger Roth

Via Credit Union held the 87th Annual Meeting virtually on Saturday, April 29, 2023 at Noon.

During the meeting, Deleane Solomon(Vice Chairman), Clyde Thornell (Chairman) and John Velasquez (Secretary) were elected to a three-year term and Cindy Kohlmorgen was elected for a one-year term on the Board of Directors. Roger Roth did not renew his expired term and the vacancy will not be filled at this time. Roger was designated, Director Emeritus, and received a plaque for 37 years of service on the Board of Directors. In addition, Jerry Showalter was elected to a three-year term on the Supervisory Committee.

ViaCU’s Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are volunteer groups that represent Via Credit Union’s members and gives leadership to ViaCU’s strategic direction. Current active Board members include: John Lightle and Greg Maurer. Other active Supervisory Committee members are: Valerie McHarry and Dwight Ott.

Other recognition at the Annual Meeting included recognizing employees for their milestone work anniversaries—
• 10 years: Cris Kistler
• 15 years: Janelle Berryhill, Beth Combs, Wanda Gadd, Lori Hardesty, Lacie Losure & Brittany Tiemeier
• 20 years: Kathy Crouch
• 25 years: Julia Monts
• 30 years: Robin Vermilion

Via Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution that serves nearly 37,000 members in 12 counties, operates six branches and has over $525 million in assets and 111 employees.

Pictured: Board Chairman, Clyde Thornell presenting Roger Roth a plaque that designated him Director Emeritus after 37 years of service on the Board of Directors.

ViaCU is a Safe Haven for Deposits

On Friday, March 10, 2023 Federal Regulators shut down Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) due to its lack of liquidity. SVB had a structure very different than traditional financial institutions, as it was a key player in the tech and venture capital community. Closely connected with SVB, regulators also closed Signature Bank, on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Signature Bank provided banking services to real estate companies, law firms and cryptocurrency companies. All depositors of both institutions will have access to and receive their full deposits and losses will not be borne by taxpayers, according to regulators.

Via Credit Union members should know that ViaCU is a safe place to save money. ViaCU has sound financial policies and receives high rankings annually from regulators for safety and soundness practices and management of risk. Deposits at ViaCU are protected by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund and insured up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor – the same as any other federally insured financial institution. That means backing by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. ViaCU is well capitalized and in solid financial position to meet the saving and borrowing needs of its members.

Members should also be aware that scams have already been reported, trying to alarm consumers. In this sophisticated scam the scammers are communicating that a bank or credit union is under Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) review and the person needs to take out their cash from their bank/credit union or risk losing it.  Please be aware of suspicious calls or emails at all times.


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