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Account Switch Kit

Switching your checking account to Via Credit Union is easy!


Step 1: Gather all your current information

The Account Transactions Switch List will help you organize money coming in and out of your old account.

Direct Deposits

Electronic payments deposited directly into your account may include:

  • Employer paychecks
  • Child support provider
  • Pension or retirement plan payments
  • Social Security payments
  • Other government checks

Complete a Direct Deposit Form for each direct deposit you would like to move to Via Credit Union. 
To switch Government direct deposits, please contact the Federal agency that pays your benefit.

Automatic Payments

You may have automatic payments/withdrawals set up with:

  • Electric, gas, water, trash, phone, cable, internet and other utilities
  • Auto, home equity, mortgage, student or other loans
  • Credit cards, medical and other bills
  • Gym, homeowner's associations and other membership dues
  • Insurance, rent, daycare, cleaning services, pest control, home security, lawn care, subscriptions and other miscellaneous expenses

For payments directly linked to your checking account number, complete the Automatic Payment/Withdrawal Form.

For payments made with your debit card, complete the Debit Card Automatic Payment/Withdrawal Form.

Submit the completed form(s) to each service provider. You may also contact the provider directly to switch the payment by calling the customer service number on your most recent bill.

Online Bill Payments

Unlike automatic payments, online bill payments are set up through an online banking service and can be one-time or recurring payments.

To switch your online bill payments:

  • List all online bill payments you'd like to move to your new ViaCU account using the Online Bill Pay Checklist to ensure you gather the payee name, address, phone number, account number and payment amount.
  • Access ViaBill Pay through ViaConnect by selecting the "ViaBill Pay" tab.
  • Click "Payees," then enter the Payee's name on the "Add a Payee" field and select "Add."
  • Follow the instruction to add the payee by entering address, phone and account number.
  • Confirm the payee information and select "Finish." You are now able to schedule one-time or recurring payments.

Step 2: Open your checking account at Via Credit Union

Visit your local Via Credit Union branch to open a checking account.

Remember to bring the direct deposit and automatic payment information you collected above so we can help you switch these to your new checking account. You can also download copies of these forms below and complete them on your own.

Step 3: Balance and close your old account

Before closing your old account, use the Account Transactions Switch List to review any outstanding withdrawals and credits that need to clear your old account.

To close your old account:

After all your direct deposits, automatic payments/withdrawals and online bill payments are switched to your ViaCU checking account, and all outstanding payments have cleared your old account, complete the Account Closing Request Form.

Submit the Account Closing Form to your previous financial institution.