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Safe Deposit Box

Secure valuable possessions from theft, fire, flood or tampering in a safe deposit box. Items such as gemstones, precious metals, currency or marketable securities or even important documents such as wills, property deeds and birth certificates are protected in safe deposit box.

Safe deposit box may be accessed during lobby hours.

Box Size1 Annual Cost
3" x 5" x 21" $15
5" x 5" x 21"  $20
3" x 10" x 21" $25
5" x 10" x 21" $35
7" x 10" x 21" $45
10" x 10" x 21" $60

1 Safe deposit box sizes vary by branch. Please contact a branch for size and availability. Not available at the Warsaw branch.
CU Seniors receive an annual 20% discount on safe deposit box rental.