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Stay up to date on your accounts

Sign up for eAlerts in ViaConnect to receive announcements and information about your account through email and/or text message1

You can choose the alerts you would like to receive, plus you can add or remove them at any time. You can even select when you'd like to receive the notification (all day, daily, weekly or monthly).

Below is a list of default eAlerts, but you can also create custom eAlerts.  As always, no confidential account information is ever sent.

Transaction Alerts

Transaction Alerts notify you when new transactions arrive in your transaction history.

  • All checks - when any check clears your account.
  • ATM Transactions - when an ATM transaction has occurred on your account.
  • Automatic Withdrawal - when an automatic withdrawal has occurred on your account.
  • Direct Deposit Received - funds have been deposited to your account through ACH or payroll deposit.
  • Over $10 - transactions over $10
  • Over $100 - transactions over $100
  • Over $1000 - transactions over $1000
  • ViaBill Pay Withdrawal - ViaBill Pay payments post to your account.

Balance Condition Alerts

  • Below $100 - when the available balance in your account goes below $100.

Document Alerts

  • eDocument - a document has been uploaded on your account.
  • eStatement - monthly eStatement is available to download.

Message Alerts

  • ViaConnect Message - an unread message from ViaCU is on your account.

Sign In Alerts

  • Failed Sign-in - a failed sign-in has occurred on your ViaConnect account.


Miscellaneous Alerts

Miscellaneous eAlerts were carried over from the old ViaConnect. 

  • Certificate Maturity - Notification a few days before a certificate matures.
  • Delinquent Loan Status - loan payment has not been received by due date.
  • Mailing Address Changes - mailing address has been changed on your account.
  • Negative Balance - any of your accounts have a negative balance.
  • Safe Deposit Box Rent Notice - safe deposit box rent is due.

Purchase Alerts powered by VISA® 

Receive customize transaction alerts via text or email shortly after your VISA® card has been used. 
Sign up for Purchase Alerts.


If you have any problems with eAlerts, please contact the Marketing or IS Department at 765.674.6631 or


1 To receive text message eAlerts, your mobile phone must support text messaging. Rates and accessibility will depend on your phone and your carrier (e.g. Verizon, Sprint, etc.). Please check with your carrier for more information regarding fees associated with text messaging.