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NMLS Registry Numbers

All Via Credit Union home lenders are registered on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS), which promotes uniformity and transparency throughout the real estate industry. Each lender will be identified by their individual NMLS number in the Registry System. You may access the NMLS Registry to verify a lender's legitimacy.

Via Credit Union: 401925

Staff Name NMLS Number
David Abernathy 699795
Janelle Berryhill 1106963
Jennifer Davis 939251
Randi Eck 1797316
Wanda Gadd 1797315
David Huffman 716707
Trinna Jacks 1797314
Jill Jackson 1301795
Melissa Klink 1797317
Rhonda Livingston 711947
Stephanie Maggard 1797319
Janna Matamoros 711943
Georgette Miller 740369
Julia Monts 1185087
Rhonda Moore 711948
Vicki Peters 1797318
Abbie Reinig 1797343
Christopher Sipes 711953
Kimberly Speidel 1797313
Tracy Speigle 1587609
Jon Trout 711955
Susan Waggoner 939250
Debbie Watts 711946
Charissa Zon 1824542