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There's money in your home*

Home Equity Line of Credit

Tap into your home's equity and enjoy the many benefits:

  • One-time application1
  • No fees or closing costs
  • Variable interest rate2
  • Easy access to line of credit3
  • Minimum monthly payment is 1% of new balance4
  • Use for anything, not just for the house


Complete the form below to start the application process online:


Or contact the ViaMortgage Team by:

Calling 765.674.6631 to make an appointment


NMLS# 401925
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 registered through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Registry.

*Some restrictions may apply. Factors that may impact amount of equity borrowed include credit history, loan-to-value ratio, occupancy and amount borrowed.
1Loan approval is subject to loan policy and underwriting guidelines.
2The variable interest rate is based on the six-month Treasury Bill Auction, and is subject to change quarterly. The APR will not increase by more than 2% APR per year and a maximum of 6% APR over the life of the loan.
3Cash advance amounts are based on pre-approved limit.
4Monthly payments are based on the balance after the most recent advance and does not change until you receive the next advance. Minimum monthly payment is 1.0% of new balance, but not less than $20.